No Thru Trucks

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Truck driver James Grest says driving through Thomasville is faster than taking the bypass.

James says, "There's a lot of school zones on the other side of town on the bypass and that holds up traffic for big trucks, and it's also dangerous because cars will pull on up and stop traffic suddenly."

But with Thomasville taking over 319 in the city, trucks will be detoured to the bypass or pay a fine.

SGT Rachelle Denmark with the Thomasville Police Department says, "There's a lot of safety issues and sometimes the cargo they carry isn't exactly safe, and when they get into the downtown area the streets narrow significantly."

Police say trucks making deliveries on Jackson Street will not be fined, but trucks that are just passing through will have to take the bypass.

Grest adds, "It's a law you've got to comply one way or the other."

Police say they will hand out warnings for a two-week period starting March 1, but after that truckers will be ticketed if they refuse to reroute.

Thomasville police say the Department of Transportation will be placing signs along 319 to remind truck drivers of the new law.