New Drug Program in Gadsden County

The drug program is helping Medicare and low income residents get medications at a reduced price.

Massey Drugs has been a fixture in Gadsden County for more than 50 years. Employees at the Good Neighbor Pharmacy have been doling out pills to residents who've become part of their extended family.

Most of the patients who frequent the establishment are Medicare recipients who pay out of pocket to get their medication.

A new drug program was unveiled Monday that will help patients save money on prescription drugs.

Oscar Roby, Sr., a Gadsden County resident, says, "It's great because you pay less money since the program come out."

Organizers say the new 340B drug pricing program will be an added bonus for Medicare and uninsured residents, many of whom can't afford to pay for their medications.

Terrance Massey, a local pharmacist, says, "It's a choice between groceries, light bill or medications and it’s a poor choice for patients to make. Fortunately this program is in place now that will enable them to get their medications at a reduced price."

To qualify for the program, residents must be patients of Gadsden Medical Center and fill their prescription at Massey Drugs. The new 340B program is different from the new Medicare Part D drug plan.

William McCormick, a representative from the drug company, says, "Under this new program they save a discount. The Medicare Part D is a benefit, there's no discount. It's no coverage. Under this plan they receive help for the out of pocket threshold they have to pay.

Dr. Jessie Furlow, a local doctor, says, "We want our patients to know that this is just another avenue to provide them the best quality care to them."

It’s quality care that is paramount in a county rampant with health disparities.