Old Bridge Brings $1.5 Million

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The old bridge to Saint George Island isn't much to look at. You can't even drive on it anymore, but if you're a fisherman it's as close as you can get to paradise.

Shelley Shepard, a realtor with Anchor Realty, says, "Those bridges, every time you drive over the bridge there are people on the piers fishing, local residents, also visitors, because it's the only place for people to fish deep water off the island and they can just walk right out there."

Years ago the DOT built the new bridge, tearing out the middle of the old one, but the county asked them to leave the two abutments in place for fishing.

Residents say the dot actually saved money by keeping these bridge abutments in place, but they were concerned they may be liable for anyone who is fishing off the side of them and got injured, so after four years they say it was time to turn over this bridge to the county.

“The county will be responsible. It'll be the liability on a countywide policy that we'll have to do on the two bridges. That also includes repairing the structures if hurricane season washes them away, but county leaders say it's worth it to have control of two important recreation sites.”

Russell Crofton says, "We can do what we want with it. I mean, it's a little more in our hands than it used to be."

Crofton says he's hoping nothing happens to the structures during hurricane season.