Radiology Results via Internet

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Does getting the results of your x-rays the same day you had them taken sound impossible? Well, at Smith-Northview Hospital, that's exactly how things will be done.

Avreo Inc. spokesman John Sloan says, "The entire cycle time was approximately three to four days, and now it's within hours from the time the patient comes in to the time the radiologist gets the report."

With the help of Avreo, Inc., the radiology department received quite a makeover. The radiology PACS system, which stands for Picture Archiving and Communication, does away with the use of film and stores the images onto computers. And that's just the beginning.

Sloan says, "It allows the referring physicians to access the data, either the images or reports, via the Internet."

That's right, the Internet! The PACS system not only allows the images to be sent via the Web, it also allows doctors to view them from anywhere in the world, an aspect that radiologist Dr. Wise says is more than helpful.

"Two doctors that want to confer about a case don't have to be physically in the same room. You can be at different sites."

Radiologists also have the ability to sign the images electronically. All of this, doctors say, is just one more example of technology aiding in the care of patients.