Bond Community Gets a Makeover

Right now it may only look like piles of dirt, but community leaders and residents in the Bond neighborhood know exactly what's coming their way.

"The infrastructure, the sidewalks, the covering of the ditches, all of that are going to enhance our beautiful community," said Anita Favors Thompson.

The City of Tallahassee, Leon County Schools and residents of the Bond Community are celebrating the progress of a $4 million neighborhood improvement project.

"We have come together as a community with those things that used to divide us hopefully now are helping unite us and I think that's an important step in the right direction," said Allan Katz, who has helped back the project.

Katz said he first heard about it from community leader Edwina Stephens. He said when she took him on a tour of the community and shared her concerns, he understood right away.

"Our children will be able to walk to school, play in their yards without falling in ditches, and our elderly citizens will become mobile," said Stephens.

Four blocks from the school will be a brand new park with benches and pathways for residents to enjoy.

"The pond that we are talking about today is not going to be a just a holding pond. It's gonna be a community amenity. It's going to be beautiful," said Favors Thompson.

The mayor was also at the sight of the new school on Wednesday morning. He said one of his priorities has always been improving the south side.

“This is just the beginning of what we intend to do for all of our neighborhoods, especially on the south side," he said.