Missing Woman Featured on Billboards

Her smiling face looms 10 feet tall on a billboard at the corner of South Monroe and Paul Russell. Thirty years old and pregnant, Ali Gilmore has literally vanished.

Tracy Smith, Gilmore's sister, says, "I have a hole in my heart. I have a worm eating through my brain because I don't know what or where; who, what, where, why and when."

Oscar Walker, Gilmore's brother, adds, "It's awfully tough, we just try to keep the faith, we pray, but the prayers get harder and harder to express."

Crimestoppers and Summit Advertising have teamed up to put up the massive missing poster. It's less than a mile from Ali Gilmore's now eerily quiet southside home.

Walt McNeil, Tallahassee Police Chief, says, "It's significant that it's on the southside near where she lived. Hopefully someone who lives in the area will see it and remember, yeah, I did see that lady."

Gilmore's co-workers from the Department of Health gathered beneath the billboard to pray for her protection and safe return and hope someone who sees her face will be moved to come forward.

Karen Freeman, Gilmore's supervisor who reported her missing, says, "My gut wants to tell me she ran away or someone has her against her will. I can't entertain the worst case scenario. I haven't been able to do that."

The billboard went up Wednesday morning and three more will be going up around town soon. FAMU students are also planning to post hundreds of yard signs with Gilmore's picture on them on Friday.