Noleade Hits Shelves

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A new drink gives Gatorade a run for its money. Wednesday, Noleade hit the shelves in more than nine Big Bend area counties.

Six students from the Maclay School in Tallahassee thought up the idea during an art class. The assignment was to think of a competitor to Gatorade.

So for five months they stayed after school on Mondays to develop a name, logo and marketing strategy.

"I think all of us are very excited and we just can't wait for everything to take off. I am especially proud of everybody for everything they have done," says Maclay student Kinsey Grant.

Noleade comes in orange and lemon-lime, and if you stop by the Maclay School to give it a try, it will only cost you a dollar.

Otherwise, the beverage will stay on shelves for a limited time only at participating grocery and convenience stores. FSU will receive a percentage of every case sold.