The Search for Ali Gilmore Goes National

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Ali Gilmore’s sister Tracy Smith is asking for the help of an entire country to find her little sister.

She was with Tallahassee Police Department's John Newland to talk to CNN’s Nancy Grace Wednesday night.

Tracy recalls what stood out most about Ali.

"She has this style that's unique, a fingerprint of her own on life."

The desperate search for 30-year-old Ali Gilmore is going beyond the Tallahassee area. This week her story went national, but the question still remains unanswered: where is Ali Gilmore?

“It's heart wrenching, everyday waking up; it's like a piece of a puzzle missing out of your life,” says Smith.

Police still have little clues on the case they say continues to baffle them. There are no answers as to why Ali, who was four months pregnant, known to be a reliable worker, a faithful daughter and sister, would suddenly disappear.

“Her bank accounts, no activity, her credit card, no activity,” reports Newland.

It's been nearly four weeks since Ali went missing and her family can't help but question why it took so long to get the attention of national media.

"I wish it would've been sooner, time is at hand, it's taken a month, sooner we probably would've had more information,” Smith says.

Until the day she comes home, her family says, they're going to continue their relentless search.

"We need her. She's that missing link the family needs right now,” says Ali’s father Anthony McLawrence.

The family and officer Newland are scheduled to appear later this week on another CNN news program. Gilmore's sister told WCTV Wednesday night about how excited Ali was to have the baby.

She had an appointment scheduled on Valentine’s Day to find out the sex of her first child. It's another reason why the family says it just doesn't make sense that she would just disappear.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers. You can remain anonymous, and that number is 850-891-HELP.