Mock Crash Stuns Students Before Spring Break

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Students were in awe at Florida A&M University as authorities held a mock crash on campus.

Around noon Thursday at the corner of Gamble and Wahnish Way, the FAMU Police Department staged a single car accident where students were ejected, and alcohol played a role.

The purpose was to give students a harsh reminder of the effects on drinking and driving as they approach spring break. Students we spoke with say it works.

"It would catch their attention and let them know that drinking and driving doesn't mix in this community or anywhere, so it would catch their attention to let them know that during spring break you need to be careful," says FAMU freshman Sherill Johnson.

"I think it is important for all three institutions in Tallahassee to play a major role in making sure their students are safe and secure during the holiday break and while they are here in Tallahassee," says FAMU freshman Mario Henderson.

The Florida Highway Patrol is also gearing up for spring breakers by kicking of the next phase of Operation Safe Ride.