Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

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"They sent us to Jacksonville Medical University and their answer was abortion," says Jaime Faircloth.

When Brandon was still in his mother's womb, they diagnosed him with congenital heart disease.

Since the Faircloths are from rural Berrien County, they had to make one trip after another to Augusta. Even though Augusta is five hours away, that's where they found the closest pediatric cardiologist.

Unfortunately, Brandon is not the only child in a rural area with heart problems.

Cardiologist Bill Lutin says, "Congenial heart disease is a significant problem. It affects about one percent of the population and it's very reversible if it's diagnosed promptly."

That's why South Georgia Medical Center, along with Dr. Lutin, holds a pediatric cardiology clinic in Valdosta every other month.

Lutin says, "We see children actually from fetuses up to young adults with congenial heart disease."

Dr. Lutin realizes the strain of traveling for hours at a time with young children. He says bringing his services closer to his patients is just another small way he can help.

Faircloth says, "It takes a big strain off people ‘cause just normal class people, it's hard form them to get off work and try to live."

Although Brandon would be perfectly happy not seeing any doctors at all, it is necessary for him, and now providing the best possible care for his son is much easier for Faircloth.

For more information about the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, contact the South Georgia Medical Center.