Estranged Husband of Missing Pregnant Woman Speaks Out

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Wearing his red baseball cap, James Gilmore comes off with a quiet demeanor.

For the past month, his estranged wife Ali Gilmore has been missing with no activity on her bank account, credit cards, or cell phone, according to police.

James recalls his last conversation with her.

"The last conversation I had with her was the Thursday evening before the Friday, when I guess everyone started realizing she was missing. We had a marriage counseling session that Friday morning and she was calling me to remind me to not forget the appointment," says James Gilmore, who police say is not a suspect.

He says he hasn't slept in the bed he and Ali shared since her disappearance, so he's been sleeping on the floor.

"As close as she is to her friends and family, I don't see her isolating herself on her own like this, so it's hard for me to speculate on what happened. It's just hard. I'm like everyone else," adds Gilmore.

With all of the attention on this case from billboards, flyers and press conferences, and no suspects, James Gilmore says he's become an easy target for some.

"Anyone that knows me as a person has clearly expressed to me that right from the beginning they don't see my involvement anywhere into her being missing or whatever. The Tallahassee Police Department has let me know, clearly, that I don't have any involvement in this as well," says Gilmore, who is also scheduled to appear on CNN Thursday night to discuss this case.

An official with TPD says this case is about as unique as the Ted Bundy case, citing all the national coverage.

Right now no suspects have been named, but authorities are looking into who they call persons of interest.