Security Concerns at the Civic Center

Wednesday night it was the Florida State basketball game. By Thursday night, the circus was in town. We asked the Civic Center, with so many different venues, can all safety issues be addressed?

The Civic Center's Ron Spencer says yes. They will be going back to discuss how to address future crowds like the FSU-Duke game.

He says in the past the Civic Center may have been too strict, with student seats further away from the floor, but with a growing program the seats were moved forward.

He says regardless of the event, Civic Center security staff are prepared.

Ron Spencer, Civic Center Director, says, "Each event stands on its own, we staff accordingly for each event. Obviously we had quite a few officers here last night, more than we've had for any other game a year."'

The security staff at the Civic Center is made up of several off duty officers including members of the Florida Highway Patrol and the Tallahassee Police Department.