24-Hour Vigil To Honor Vets

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
November 10, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Florida State University ROTC students pay respect to those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. On Sunday, ROTC members began the 24-hour vigil in honor of Veterans day.

"A nice connection between those who were in the military and inspiring to be part of the military and we all come together as a big family." Katherine Brennan, a member of the FSU ROTC.

Katherine Brennan is one of those cadets who is participating in the drill. She says sharing the support for our troops as a community makes this event one of her favorite.

"It's a way to honor them and to carry on the torch," said Amy Austin, a FSU ROTC member.

When families of fallen soldiers look at the wall, the ROTC members begin to pray. The members say, It's a way to pay respect. More than 2,000 names are listed on the memorial, Vietnam War deaths and those missing in action. The memorial is in front of the Florida Capitol in Downtown Tallahassee.

"Its just a really good way to remember them," said Austin. "I've had friends that past away and they might not be on the wall, but it's a way to honor them and remember them as well."

The group says the final demonstration will be when the veterans present a wreath to the memorial on Monday morning.

For more information about the parade, go to http://veteventstally.org/

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