Report: FSU Students Using Sugar Daddies

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By: Lanetra Bennett
April 30, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - We first told you about the growing popularity of FSU students using "Sugar Daddies" to pay for their tuition in February.

Now it's graduation time, and a new report shows how more female students will be leaving campus with their degrees, and without debt.

Taylor Barros is used to FSU being a high-ranked school. But, making the top sugar daddy list.

"I'm shocked. Oh, my gosh; especially that it's going on around me." She says. just released its list of the "Top 15 Sugar Baby Alma Maters."

It ranks FSU 8th with 240 percent more female students graduating by using Sugar Daddy funds.

The website says a "sugar daddy" is a successful man who is willing to offer financial help or gifts in return for friendship and companionship.

Barros says, "It's kind of upsetting. I don't like it that women have to degrade themselves to get an education. C'mon, that's upsetting. it shouldn't be like that."

The report says 37 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt. In 2011, the report claims 52 percent of college Sugar Babies graduated debt free because of their mutually beneficial arrangements. But, in 2012 that number jumped by 15 percent.

FSU Student Danielle Sanders says, "If it works for them, it works for them. Congratulations for them for graduating debt-free. But, there are moral issues that kind of come into question. But, I'm not a person to judge other people, so, good for them." says the average college Sugar Baby receives about $3,000 per month to cover the cost of tuition, books and living expenses.

Barros says her out-of-state fees are $2,500 a semester. But she says she wouldn't turn to a sugar daddy.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no." Says, Barros.

Please see the press release below for the full Top 15 list of universities.


Top 15 Sugar Baby Alma Maters

Approximately 37 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt. Many female students have turned to the Sugar Baby lifestyle to help fund their education. A recent growth showed that 15% more college students are graduated in 2012 debt free using Sugar Daddies. to release its 2012 list of Sugar Baby Alma Maters

Tallahassee, Florida—April 30, 2013

According to’s annual list of Sugar Baby Alma Maters, more Sugar Babies have graduated from New York University than any other college. 44 percent of the website’s total population is comprised of college students, many of whom use their monthly allowances from Sugar Daddies to offset the cost of their education.

“College students are attracted to this lifestyle because it’s honest, open, and ultimately beneficial,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of “Granted, the terms of any mutually beneficial arrangement are uniquely catered. But all enable Sugar Babies to pursue their goals through the generosity of the benefactor.”

Approximately 37 million Americans have outstanding student loan debt. In 2011, approximately 52 percent of college Sugar Babies graduated debt free because of their mutually beneficial arrangements, but in 2012 that number jumped by 15%.

The following are the schools with the most female college students graduating thanks to Sugar Daddies, as well as the growth from the previous year.

Top Sugar Baby Alma Maters of 2012 - % growth in students graduating using Sugar Daddies
1. New York University – 201%
2. Temple University – 207%
3. Georgia State University –-297%
4. Kent State University (Ohio) –-197%
5. Arizona State University—252%
6. University of Georgia –-163%
7. University of Houston –-188%
8. Florida State University –-240%
9. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee—154%
10. University of South Florida—148%
11. Michigan State University –-243%
12. Alabama University—260%
13. Tulane University—252%
14. Penn State University—158%
15. Ohio University---173%

“While financial security is an important factor in any arrangement, there are other benefits that add just as much value to a Sugar Baby’s life,” says Wade. “Women gain mentorship and networking opportunities through their Sugar Daddies. These benefactors have established themselves in society and know what it takes to succeed.”

For more information on the Sugar Baby Alma Maters of 2012 or to schedule an interview with students and a representative of, please contact Angela Jacob Bermudo at press(at) or call (702)497-8808.

About is the premier sugar daddy dating website, and has been featured on such outlets as the New York Times, CNN Headline News, Good Morning America, and ABC 20/20. Since launching in 2007, the website has amassed over 2 million members worldwide. was founded by self-proclaimed “E-Cupid”, Brandon Wade who was anointed “Mr. Sugar Daddy” by the Wall Street Journal. Brandon Wade is a leading dating expert, author, and successful internet entrepreneur who also founded a number of successful niche dating websites.

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