FSU Medical School Health Screenings

The Doctor is in and dozens of area residents were not going to let a little rain stand n their way of a free check up.

Area residents flocked to the Tallahassee Mall this afternoon to get a check up from some future doctor's.

Forty medical students from Florida State University's Medical School took part in the event to reach out the community. The students provided free health screenings for blood pressure, diabetes and a pediatric table was set up for the kids.

One area woman had a special interest in the event because of her family history of diabetes. "Everyone else, either if they haven't passes away from diabetes they are really ill from it," said Tallahassee resident, Judy Carnes. "I would like to get checked over to make sure I am not in the same situation," Carnes added.

The health screenings were a first for FSU's Medical School, but they plan to hold more in the future after seeing the turn out.