Children's Miracle Network Dance-a-thon

Whether you are a dancing queen or aspiring to be one, this party is for you. The only requirement is a pair of comfortable shoes and lots of caffeine, because folks are dancing throughout the night, the morning and the afternoon. They are going to dance more hours than you'll sleep this weekend.

"I'm having a great time, with all the support I think I'll make it through," said FSU student, Christine Nevels.

Why do so many students kick up their heels for hours on end?

It's because of some precious, helpless beauties, struck by illness, fighting to survive. Like little Kaia Miller. "She was born with clocal extrophy," said her mother, Cheryl Miller.

Kaia is walking and talking like a healthy three-year-old. Her mother says it's all because of the Children Miracle Network and the FSU dancers.

"Seeing people like FSU students, it's speechless. I just encourage them to keep doing it," said Cheryl Miller.

In the past eight years FSU students have raised more than a half million dollars for the Children's Miracle Network at Shand's Hospital. The dance-a-thon is organized and run by students alone.