Natural Bridge Battle

Just 13 miles south of the Florida State Capital, confederate soldiers squared off against the union soldiers. In a reenactment of the Battle of Natural Bride, also known as the Battle of Tallahassee.

Spectators say seeing pieces of history come to life was overwhelming. "Every time I come out and watch a reenactment to imagine what the soldiers on both sides went through, the battle the endless marches," said Eric Schewska, with the North Florida Artillery. "For as long as they did march and with as little equipment, they had to eat, it's just overwhelming," added Schweska.

On March 6, 1865, Tallahassee was the last Capital east of the Mississippi, not captured during the Civil War, and successfully defended by confederate soldiers.

The south was eventually won by the north, but it didn't change the spirit of the southerners who’ve been here most of their lives.

For those who took this walk through time, it was an educational experience. This year marks the 138th anniversary of the actual Battle of Natural Bridge.