Beating in Gretna

Gretna police say a quiet neighborhood was the scene of a horrific crime.

Police say a group of men were arguing with Everett Burnside when for some apparent reason they began beating him. Burnside was found unconscious in a ditch and covered with blood.

Chief Ferman Richardson says, "According to reports a lot of it was with fists and some stomped him and kicked him, and we have one report he was hit with an object, we believe to be two by four, and the investigation is still on going."

Authorities say Burnside was life-flighted to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where he is still in intensive care. In the meantime, police have arrested four people involved in the crime, but not without some difficulty.

Investigators say they've had a difficult time putting the pieces of the puzzle together because witnesses are afraid to come forward for fear of retaliation.

Police are still trying to find out more details about the incident. They don't have a clear motive for the brutal beating.

Residents are being encouraged to call the Police Department if they have any information about this crime. They can call Crime Stoppers at 891-HELP.