New Innovative CT Scan

The first of its kind in our region, a local hospital gets new innovative equipment to better diagnose patients.

A body image of blood vessels is just one of many images doctors at Capital Regional Medical are able to view on the new VCT CAT scan, or 64 slice. They say the clarity decreases misdiagnoses and saves valuable time.

Dr. Stephen Blake with emergency medicine says, "The high resolution images generated by the light-speed scanner are able to provide incredibly fine detail, which in many cases can eliminate the need for further diagnostic studies."

The scanner can detect chest pains, symptoms of stroke, and many other life and non-life- threatening conditions.

It can capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats or an organ in a second. It can also perform a full body scan in just ten seconds.

Dr. Michelle Bachtel, an invasive cardiologist, adds, "It's very rapid for the patient, six seconds of breath hold, so in those very sick or elderly patients who can't hold their breath or lay still for a prolonged period of time, it's rapid for them."

Angel Lluzeras, Director of Imaging Services, says, "The bottom line is, for the acute patient that's so-so that you don't want to miss, this is the technology that's second to none."

Doctors say this state of the art technology is one more way to serve its patients and help save lives.

Capital Regional Medical Center is the first in our region to have the $2 million, 64-slice scanner and only the seventh in Florida.