FSU Spring Breakers Roll Up Their Sleeves

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A group of FSU students will spend spring break not on the beach, but giving back.

The Alternative Break Corps, an extension of FSU's Center for Civic Education and Service, is sending several groups around the country next week.

Some are heading to New Orleans to help out in the aftermath of Katrina. Others are heading to Baltimore, New Mexico and Philadelphia to work with Habitat for Humanity.

"I wanted to do something different that most students don't do. To get an experience that lasts a lifetime and not do something you forget about a month or so later," says student volunteer Martina Perry.

"They could be doing a lot of other things, as we know, with their time, but we are hoping FSU students learn how to become more responsible citizens in their communities," says Bill Moeller, director of FSU's Center for Civic Education and Service.

Many of the students will volunteer with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.