Florida Elections to Increase Security

Leon County's Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says he knew of the system flaws all along.

In fact, Sancho's office conducted the tests back in December that he said proved Diebold voting equipment was vulnerable. The state doesn't cite Sancho's findings in its requests to all Florida counties to upgrade security, but it does site a California report, which Sancho says lists Leon County's tests as its source.

Ion Sancho says, "For the state of Florida to acknowledge that the procedures in the state of Florida must be changed to address this very real security threat is absolute validation and is one of the happiest days in my life."

Sancho says this could mean he has grounds to take legal actions against Diebold, the company which refused to sell him equipment that is accessible to those with disabilities.

And that's why Sancho says his office is not in compliance with the Help America Vote Act.