Crime Stoppers Pitches In - Search for Ali Gilmore

This weekend Crime Stoppers along with Florida A&M students will hand out yard signs with a message to bring Ali Gilmore home.

Funding for projects such as this are made easier by the Tallahassee Police Department who gave the organization a $25,000 check, money Crime Stoppers sorely needs.

Allen Stucks of Crime Stoppers of the Big Bend says, "This donation gives us the opportunity to continue to increase our reward and the public education process to make sure we get the word out that we need help to assist law enforcement in solving crimes."

Walt McNeil, Tallahassee Police Chief, says, "They have already this year helped in solving some 20 cases. I believe and this money's going to go towards those kind of efforts in our community."

Some money will go towards the search for Ali Gilmore by way of more billboards, more yard signs, and even pictures on 55 city buses.