It's a Wrap: Thomasville Antique Show and Sale 2006

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It's an antique shopper’s haven. From fine China to shimmering silver, the antique show has something for every collector.

Kathy Folsom, an antique enthusiast, says, "I think the whole show has great quality, lots of variety. It's just a great show."

Twenty nine antique dealers from across the country set up shop at the Thomasville Exchange Club Fairgrounds this weekend, displaying and selling their prized possessions.

And best of all, many of the proceeds go to charity.

David Lindquist, a dealer from Whitehall at the Villa, says, "The booths rent from the dealers, the gate that people pay to come in, there's a big party Thursday night that people pay a variety of money to attend and it raises well over $100,000 a year for charities here in the area."

So whether it’s tracking down that hard to find antique, raising money for charity or just visiting with old friends, Bill Pillsbury, a dealer from Pillsbury-Michel Silver, says, "Thomasville is a very special place. People are friendly, a lot of our clients become personal friends and we look forward to seeing them every year."

The 17th edition of the Thomasville Antique Show and Sale appears to be a success, and organizers say they'll be ready to go again next year. The annual Thomasville Antique Show and Sale is always the first full weekend of March.