One Drug Arrest in Wakulla County Snowballs

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One major drug arrest in Wakulla County has led to a chain reaction of 16 more arrests. The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says there are still 6 other outstanding arrest warrants All of the warrants are a result of tips from confidential informants and a routine traffic stop nearly two months ago.

Deputies say the driver stopped, Jason Metcalfe, was a major drug dealer in Wakulla. They say his arrest has since led them to a growing number of leads.

Major Maurice Langston said, "We started developing confidential informants in the drug cases as we served search warrants. They started giving us information. The information led to 22 arrest warrants you see here."

Some of the suspects still at large who have warrants for their arrest are shown in the video attached to this story. If anyone knows anything about these individuals you can call WCSO at 926-0800. Deputies say there is the possibility of a reward.

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