Man's Body Identified, and He's Remembered

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Forty-two-year-old John Black lived in Miccosukee on this 13 acre site for years. His family says he inherited the land from his grandfather.

Black was home Friday when a controlled burn was being conducted on the land beside his property.

Late that afternoon, a badly burned body was found.

"Mr. John Black is who we believe that the person is. Was found deceased and he was on the back side of his own property probably about 100 yards or a little bit more from his own house," explains LT Rory Robbins of the Leon County Sheriff's Office.

Black worked for the state for 28 years and was an associate minister at the St. Paul Primitive Baptist Church in Miccosukee.

"I’m inspired by Minister Black. He said it's alright now," states Robert Johnson, a fellow associate minister at Black's church.

On Sunday, family members and fellow church leaders remembered Black's faith and his friendship.

"Knew him back when he was a little boy and been knowing him for a long time. He lived the life, the life that he preached about, he lived that life," says Edgar Ford, a deacon at St. Paul Primitive Baptist Church.

"He was church going person. He was a family man and real nice and if he could do anything for you he would do it," says Black's uncle, Albert Jones.

Although family and friends don't know the cause of Black's death yet, they say they're sure he's in a better place now.

Black's family says they believe he was putting out fires on his property when he died. They also say funeral arrangements will be announced when the medical examiner’s investigation is complete.