Residents Upset Witih Local Cemetery

Some Coolidge, Georgia residents say flowers and mementos left at the graves of their love ones are being taken without consent.

Several outraged families are now taking matters into their own hands. Upset does not even begin to describe how Tammie Hires says she feels knowing the flowers, pictures and other cherished mementos that once laid adorned her mother’s final resting place are now gone. “Our family put these decorations around the grave I feel to let my mother know how special she was and that we cared about her very much." Said Hires.

For two years the hires family has noticed things disappearing and puts the cemetery owners at fault. Bettye Carlton says missing memorabilia is something she has dealt with for 30 years. “You know anyone that has a family at the ENON cemetery or thinking of burying someone there- don't. And as long as they're in control, it will be this way.” Said Carlton.

The Carlton family says they are in the process of filing a police report against the owners of the cemetery and they Hires say they will follow suit.

Cemetery officials could not be reached for comment.