Gunshots Ring Out at a Southside Tallahassee Neighborhood

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Gunshots rang out late Sunday night on Tallahassee's south side, sending one family looking for cover.

It happened in the area of Brighton Road around 11:30 Sunday night.

Homeowner Althemease Crim says she was laying down when she heard one of her windows shatter. She immediately grabbed her children and hid in a safe location.

"I was up all night. I was like, 'lord, what is going on? Anything could have happened.' I'm just happy that nothing happened to me and my four children," says Crim.

"We are continuing to interview any witnesses and examining evidence. At this time we have no suspects in this case and no one was injured, thankfully," says LT Ken Bergstrom with the Tallahassee Police.

Authorities are unsure of the motive behind the shooting. Anyone with information is being asked to contact the Tallahassee Police at 850-891-4200.