High School Offices in Jefferson County

Architects met with commissioners and department heads Monday to look over design plans.

The hallways at the old Jefferson County High School were once crowded with children. Now the facility will become the cornerstone for county offices. Commissioners are leasing the old high school from the school board, making it a one stop shop for area residents.

Danny Monroe, Jefferson County Commissioner, says, "It would be better and convenient and they can come to one place and do most of their county work without having to go all over town getting it done and they'll have better parking it won't be congested like it uptown is."

County officials held a workshop Monday to go over the plans. They acquired half a million dollars in state funding to renovate the buildings, but the project is proving to be a challenge for the architects.

Randy Lewis, the architect, says, "Funding is tight right now, they're very old buildings, determining what's working, what's not, and existing conditions some of the roofs are in bad shape, some of the mechanical systems need renovation and repair."

Once the renovation and repairs are completed the county offices will be housed at the old facility. County commissioners will sell their buildings in the downtown area with hopes of new businesses moving in and having a positive impact on the economy.

One of the buildings will be transformed into a courthouse annex and a county commissioner chamber, freeing up much need space for court proceedings. The project is expected to be completed sometime next year.