A Tallahassee Living Facility Will Close Its Doors

A Tallahassee assisted living facility is closing its doors. Sixty-five residents of the meadows have been told they'll have to find another place to live.

Frank Walper and his wife Carrie Lee sold their home and moved to the Meadows.

They'll celebrate 61 years of marriage in June, but they won't be celebrating here.

Sixty-five residents found out last week the meadows is closing. Owner liberty healthcare says it's just too tough get enough liability insurance.

He says insurance would have run at least $1,200 per bed annually. Some residents may have a tough time finding another place. The Meadows is one of the few homes in Tallahassee that takes Medicaid.

The Walpers are lucky. They've already found another home in Tallahassee, though it will cost them an extra $1,000 a month. Not all of their fellow residents can afford that. this is the third nursing home or assisted living facility to announce its closure since the first of February.

Gadsden Nursing Home in Quincy and Jefferson Place in Thomasville are also shutting their doors.