Controversial Georgia Water Bill

A new and controversial water bill is making its way through Georgia’s House this week.

And while farmers and lawmakers wait for the Senate’s decision, it's getting some strong opposition from several South Georgia farmers.

"Water is very important here, especially in the dairy, I mean without water, we co a this part of the country,” dairy farmer Al Wehner says.

Wehner's Dairy Company is The Big Cheese, but if farmers are required to meter the amount of water they use, Al says his dream to one day become the nations Big Cheese, may be spoiled.

"I want to know the pros and cons of this new plan and then some you know,” Wehner says.

Several lawmakers are calling this the most important bill to consider all year. If passed, it would include a six-year effort to install meters on farms across the Peach State.

Currently, only irrigating farmers follow into this category. South Georgia Senator John Bulloch says regulations like these are a must to ensure water preservation across the south.

"We have to be good stewards of water and utilizing it to our best ability especially as the agriculture business, water is an issue,” Senator Bulloch adds.

One issue of many challenges, lawmakers say the bill will face in the future. And the cost of this new proposed water plan is said to be around $25 million. Georgia's Senate makes a vote on the bill next week.