DUIs Rise in Grady County

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Drinking and driving never mix, and the Grady County Sheriff's Office says there are a growing number of minors abusing the law.

LT Russell Register, Grady County Sheriff's Deputy, says, "Most of our underage consumptions come from these parties they may have. Sometimes they move out to the county since the county is bigger than the city."

As a result the Sheriff's Office is putting up a road block on drunk drivers. The sheriff says deputies are on the lookout for suspicious behavior and reckless driving.

Harry Young, Grady County Sheriff, says, "Alcohol is a drug. It's something that has to be controlled and you should be responsible if you're going to have it, and someone under 21 shouldn't drink anyway."

With minors driving under the influence or riding as drunk passengers, the sheriff says education is their most important weapon.

Sheriff Young says, "We have our deputies looking out for it, going into schools and talking to our children about drinking, underage drinking."

They are lessons the sheriff says will hopefully keep kids from drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car. The Grady County Sheriff says a DUI charge can lead to jail time, community service, probation, and losing one's license.