School Visit From a Soldier

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The students of Mrs. Parrish's fourth grade class at North Brooks Elementary School thought they had seen a hero walk through the door when tech sergeant David Smith walked into class Tuesday. It didn't take them long to start asking questions about operation enduring freedom.

"They had a lot of questions they had been asking me, that I couldn't answer. So, to have Tech Sgt. Smith here was nice to be able to get those questions answered for them,” says 4th grade teacher Lindsey Parrish.

And the student's in Mrs. Parrish's class had plenty of questions for Tech Sgt. David Smith's service in Operation Enduring Freedom.

"I'm glad, number one that they took an interest in it, and I'm glad that they're excited about this. I really am, I mean they are our future,” says David Smith of the 71st Rescue Squadron.

Smith is a member of the 71st Rescue Squadron out of Moody Air Force Base, and he served as a flight engineer during rescue flights in Afghanistan.

He spent Tuesday afternoon helping teach these students what military service is really like.

Even smith's daughter, who is in this class, was able to learn.

"I think it was really cool that he could be able to come and talk to my class about what he does over there and I got to learn more about the stuff that he does over there,” says student Rebecca Jannete Smith.

This class had sent dozens of letters to smith and his crew, and in return, Smith presented the class with an American Flag that was taken along on a mission in Afghanistan.

And Tech Sgt. Smith says he, and the other members of his crew are grateful for the support they've gotten from those students.