Work Zone Safety

Construction sites are already a dangerous place, but, a construction site on a busy highway is even more risky.

"For the people in general driving through a construction site not paying attention, you've got so much equipment and so many men out there, it's pretty bad,” comments traffic control supervisor Steve McCranie.

It's not just a risky place for workers, in fact a recent study shows that nearly 1,100 people were killed in work zone related crashes in 2001. Eighty-percent of them were drivers and passengers. That's up by more than 300 fatalities from 1997.

The root of most work zone accidents is drivers not paying attention. Even with the proper warnings, some motorists seem to be looking the other way.

"It's a bit scary at times because folks don't seem to signs at all-but with the increase speeding fines, folks seem to be paying more attention,” says Mike Snipes of G-DOT.

Federal Highway Administration wants to urge motorists to simply stay alert and slow down for their safety and the safety of the workers building our roadways.

Georgia DOT officials say they are putting up more specific warning signs so motorist know what type of construction site they are driving into.