Tracking Your Medication


Health officials in Georgia estimate that every year more than 140,000 deaths occur from medical errors and adverse drug events.

Now, a local hospital is trying to change this staggering software to oversee the patient medicating process.

Hassie Porter is undergoing minor surgery. Even though Hassie's minor procedure is just that, minor, keeping track of Hassie's mediations is quite a major ordeal.

"I have diabetes and I have high blood pressure and I take medications for that,” Porter says.

But whether it's diabetes or high blood pressure patients at Thomasville’s Archbold Hospital can now rest assure they'll get the correct meds they need and on time, thanks to a new electronically monitored med administering program called MAC.

Currently nurses at Archbold order, transcribe, dispense and administer all medications manually, the new MAC system monitors med history using bar coded stickers.

Recent studies show administration errors at the top of the list of causes of medication errors, but hopefully with the aid of technology like this, Archbold staff say that could soon change.

Archbold is one of less than a dozen hospitals in Georgia that will offer the new MAC system.

Staff officials say the new MAC program should be completely installed by the end of this summer.