Arts Education in Florida

Several Florida lawmakers are proposing a plan to make sure all children are exposed to arts education. It would require at least nine weeks of class time in arts and in music for every sixth grader.

Under Gov. Jeb Bush’s A+ + education proposal, high schools would no longer require students to take one credit of art.

Jeremiah Elliott said his music classes helped teach him about the importance of teamwork.

Jeremiah says, “You have to do your individual job, but you have to do your individual job for the good of the group, so it helps us learn all that for future references, like when we get jobs, because you know you have to work with a lot of people probably no matter where you go, so.”

Educators have criticized Bush’s plan to eliminate the art requirement in high school, arguing that some schools will get rid of art classes altogether to cut costs and focus on the FCAT.