Changes May Be Ahead in Grady County Schools

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A school shuffle may be on the way in Grady County.

Steve Wooten, Grady County Schools Superintendent, says, "The racial make-up in the city of Cairo is enlarging, expanding, so therefore our schools are becoming racially in-balanced."

The county school board is working to change that. North side, east side and south side elementary schools are earmarked for an overhaul.

Steve Wooten adds, "We're trying to find ways that we can balance the racial make-up of those three schools."

Under a proposed solution, east side schools would house all pre-k through second grade classes, south side third through fifth, and north side would become a central office.

Dr. Tommy Pharis with Grady County Schools says, "Our kindergarten, first and second grade resources, materials and personnel will be able to be housed at one school, giving us greater flexibility as it comes to programming."

And with all three schools currently in need of some improvements, Grady County's superintendent says the time for change is now to make sure that money is put to its best use.

Steve Wooten says, "Parents shouldn't have to choose what school they go to. All the schools should be equal.”

With one proposal already on the table, school leaders are looking for more ideas, and they hope to get public input at an upcoming community meeting.

The public meeting for the school shuffle will be this Thursday night at 6 p.m. inside the Grady County Courthouse.