F-CAT Pressures

F-Cat testing is underway across the sunshine state and students everywhere are striving hard to make the grade.

Some question if that striving to succeed can leave students suffering from stress. Teachers and administrators say preparing for the F-CAT involves more than just preparing kids Intellectually, but also preparing them mentally.

Every year, 7th grade math teacher Shane Syfrett helps his students put their test taking problem solving skills to the test.

While at the same time adding a little encouragement into the mix. School leaders say a positive environment is the key to alleviating F-CAT fears.

F-CAT testing for Deerlake Middle School students is done for this week and they will pick back up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The F-CAT testing lasts for ten days and is a statewide test given to 3rd thru 4th graders.

The Department of Education sets aside days for make up exams.