Flood Warning


Several counties spent part of the day under flood warning. Depending on where you live, this week we've gotten between two and seven inches of rain.

And after a string of soggy days, some flood-prone areas are watching rising waters.

Plenty of folks were relieved to see sunny skies this afternoon, after a wet week, but much of what's fallen from the skies is still flowing downstream.

Casting his hook on the high waters of the Ochlockonee River, David O'Neal is fishing his way through Friday.

The river's rising waters mean better biting. Problem is, his favorite fishing spot is underwater.

A week of water has been too much for the soil to absorb. Meteorologists say March is usually a dry month and this week's weather is too much of what should be a good thing

Flood prone areas like Fairbanks Ferry road have water-warning signs on standby.

Remember to use extra caution if you're walking near any riverbanks.