Pot Bust in Jefferson County

Jefferson County deputies have confiscated more than 100 marijuana plants. The plants were growing inside a mobile home. Authorities say the home was used solely to grow the drugs, and now they're looking for the person responsible for the elaborate setup.

The mobile home nestled in the woods of Jefferson County is now considered a crime scene. Investigators received a tip the person renting the home was growing high grade "pot."

Authorities executed a search warrant and confiscated 120 marijuana plants valued at $360,000 and several pieces of equipment used to cultivate the plants.

INV Sally Cole says, "This one was a fairly elaborate one, fully operation. Like I said, we got the 120 plants to begin with. It definitely had the potential to grow between 600 and 1,000 plants at one time."

Investigators say if given an opportunity to flourish, this indoor growing facility would've yielded thousands of dollars in profits.

Marijuana growing was once considered an outdoor activity. Law enforcement say now growers are cultivating the plants indoors, making it difficult for them to find the culprits.

Sally Cole adds, "A lot of it now depends on you receiving intelligence and information so that you can further develop information so the actual locating indoor growers. The numbers have gone down."

She says controlling the growing environment produces high-grade marijuana and means several harvests a year, but thanks to a tip this operation is up smoke.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials assisted in this investigation. An arrest warrant has being issued for the resident of the home who remains at large.