FSU College of Medicine's Senior Class Match Day

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It's the moment they've been waiting for since they first started at FSU's College of Medicine. Thirty five members of the senior class are finding out where they're headed next and in what specialty they'll be training.

Kara Brooks, going to Albany, Georgia, says, "You get nervous even though you kind of have a feeling what it might be."

Fifteen thousand other graduating medical students across the country are finding out their fate. At the same time is the ceremony known as Match Day. This is FSU's second time taking part.

Stephanie and Matthew Lee, going to Jacksonville, Florida, say, "We've been waiting for this day for so long. We're so excited we finally get to go. Yup, we're off to Jacksonville and I'll be doing ObGyn; and I'll be doing orthopedic surgery over there."

Half of the senior class will remain in Florida. Others are headed to hospitals throughout the country for specialties ranging from general surgery to aerospace flight surgery and plastic surgery.

Mark Leyngold, going to Las Vegas, Nevada, says, "To find out that I matched and my second choice, I was just ecstatic. I can't describe the feeling, I think it's the best feeling I've ever had."

Now that they know where they're headed, the next milestone to pass is graduation day on May 20. The residencies, which will range from three to seven years, are a requirement for licensing and board certification.