Mothers Against Meth

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Imagine having a 26-year-old son who's been addicted to methamphetamine for four years. His current home is prison. That's reality for a Grady County mother.

"It's the hardest thing in the world to admit that your child has a meth problem because once you admit it, it's time you have to deal with it."

Now a group of mothers are joining forces to help understand their children's addiction through "Mothers Against Meth."

"Just by going through a few minutes of the program I learned so much about what it does to the people. That helped me understand my son."

The group has the full support of the Grady County Sheriff's Office. The inspiration behind starting the group was parents coming to bail their kids out of jail.

CAPT Tim Gainous of the Grady County Sheriff's Office says, "To see the desperation and devastation that this drug is causing is what inspired the sheriff for us to get involved in the community as far as programs to bring the community awareness level up"

"I'll always hold out hope that he'll never go back to doing it, he'll never touch it again."

And it will take an entire community's support and dedication to keep fighting meth and free the people of their addiction.

"Mothers Against Meth" meet every Friday at 6:30 p.m. at the Colonial Building in Cairo.