Tallahassee and Ramat-Hasharon: Sister Cities

Florida's capital city sealing the deal with the Israeli city of Rahmat-Hasharon.

Mayors from both cities signed an agreement Friday afternoon, formalizing the sister city relationship. The pact opens the doors for both cities to share economic development, education and cultural successes.

Mayor John Marks says he plans a trip to Israel later this year for a similar ceremony.

"This is the kind of relationships we need to have in our community to make it a better community, so really this is just a wonderful day for all the citizens of Tallahassee,” he says.

Itzhak Rochberger, Mayor of Ramat-Hasharon, Israel, says, “I think it's a very blessed initiative and a very blessed model of cooperation which I don't know anywhere else in the world."

Rahmat-Hasharon joins Sligo, Ireland and St. Maarten in the Caribbean as Tallahassee's sister cities.