Crime Stoppers Billboards

The faces of some of Tallahassee's most wanted criminals are now looming large at an intersection near you. Crimestoppers put up its first pair of wanted billboards on Tuesday, and three days later its now “cases closed.”

Some 18,000 cars a day pass the corner of Orange and Springhill, and since Tuesday they've come face to face with pictures of two wanted criminals that loom 10 feet tall.

Allen Stucks of Big Bend Crime Stoppers says, "We thought if we could make this picture large as life where people can see it on a daily basis it would trigger something in their mind and say, hey, I know that person and I've got an opportunity to not only be a good citizen, but to receive some funds."

Crime Stoppers of the Big Bend reports that based on tips called in this week they have already found both men, Jeffrey Morris in the Florida Panhandle and Terrance Yates, who it turns out was already in prison but lost in the confusion of multiple Social Security numbers.

Kathy McGhin with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "The billboard went up on Tuesday evening and we have been receiving call on them. We did receive calls Wednesday and Thursday. I was very excited. It's a quick turnaround."

Expect to see ‘arrested’ stickers branded across these billboards any day, and another pair of wanted criminals to replace them soon.

There must be an active arrest warrant for someone to be featured on one of these billboards, which will go up in the county where the crime was committed. The billboards cost about $400 a piece.