Tallahassee Turns Green

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"It's a beautiful thing. It's beautiful," said Robert Anderson raising a pint of Green Beer at Halligan's Pool-N-Pub in Tallahassee Friday.

Green beer and Guinness were flowing smoothly as bars opened their doors early to a roaring St. Patrick's Day crowd.

"It's the biggest party of the year. Just time to let your hair down, wear green, celebrate with friends and family and music. It's all about the music too," said Shenanigans Irish pub owner Cindy Ross.

All around town, partygoers were drinking and celebrating.

"St. Patrick’s Day is a great day to celebrate our heritage. Even if you're not Irish it’s a great day to celebrate," said Judy Ward-Ross who claims her ancestry as half Irish.

While everyone was out wearing green, bartenders and bar owners were bringing in the green.

"I've waited all week to get ready for this day. It took me four years to make one of my shifts land on St. Patrick’s Day and I've been excited ever since hoping to make lots of money," said Amy Shopp who bartends at Halligans Pool-N-Pub.

It’s lots of money and hopefully lots of smart decisions. Tallahassee Police Department warning party goers to act responsibly.

“This is one of the nights that is the most festive along with Cinco De Mayo and New Year’s Day. Keep your guard up, be defensive driving and certainly don't drink and drive," said LT David Folsom.

So whether you're guzzling an Irish whisky or an Irish car bomb. Remember to count your clover before the night is over. Remember the Tallahassee Police Department is out in full force looking for drunk drivers. They've increased the number of patrols and they're holding several dui checkpoints around town.