Lanark Village, 50 Years

Former Army barracks that were transformed into a small community are celebrating 50 years in business. This weekend residents of Lanark Village are celebrating where they came from.

The village is a sister city of Lanark, Scotland. In preparation for the celebration residents contacted a library in Scotland to get more information. They found that their sister city has been holding yearly celebrations since 1140.

Joan Matey, chairperson for the celebration, says, "The place was named in 1893 by a guy from Scotland that was a land developer, and he was from Lanark, Scotland."

Bonnie Dietz, a board member, says, "Everybody works as a team and it's just our way of showing our thanks to the members of the community for supporting the different organizations. It's not every day an organization can celebrate 50 years."

Residents held yard sales, cookouts, and an antique car show as part of the celebration. The party's not over yet, they will continue to celebrate 50 years on Sunday.