Leon County Man Faces Neglect Charges

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A Leon County man is facing multiple neglect charges for his wife and children.

Leon County deputies were tipped off by the Department of Children and Families that his two children were living back in the home after they were recently removed by the state.

When they got to the Woodville home, investigators say the case took another turn. At first overwhelmed with a stench, they found what looked like 15 years worth of trash piled up inside, and the man's incapacitated wife. At 600 pounds, investigators say she was not able to care for herself.

SGT Tim Baxter with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "They found even worse amounts of garbage, human feces, urine. They basically said the garbage was piled up waist high in the house and the lady was actually laying on top of the garbage."

The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment. The children were once again removed from the home. We cannot release the man's name as to not identify the children.