Boot Camp Death: Parents Demand Criminal Charges

Martin Lee Anderson died in January shortly he was admitted to the boot camp.

The family attorney says they're outraged that the medical examiner in Panama City is still insisting the teen died of natural causes.

Anderson's parents are calling for criminal charges against the deputies, the nurse, the medical examiner and just about everyone else involved in that videotaped beating, and their attorney wants them to face those charges in a different county.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Anderson’s parents, says, “We ask Mark Ober, the special prosecutor, to request a change of venue when he does file indictments because the family does not believe that they can get justice for the murder of their son in Bay County, Florida.”

Gina Jones, the mother of Martin Anderson, says, “They clock in and out of work every day like there’s not nothing going on, and they’re trying to cover up. They murdered my baby. You got the sheriff. You got the medical examiner, it’s happening now and it’s wrong.”

To add insult to injury, Anderson’s parents have just received a bill for the medical care their son received the day of his death.

Those bills are expected to add up to more than $35,000.