Federal Court Case in Tallahassee

The McCloud family is now suing the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for $10 million in damages.

The case got underway in Tallahassee's federal court Monday morning.

The McCloud family of Delray Beach contends they were pulled over in Jefferson County in July of 2001, and deputies proceeded to strip search their 15-year-old daughter on the side of the road.

Guy Rubin, the McCloud family attorney, says, "They're trying to get over it. It's difficult too when your privacy is invaded in such a way that it takes away your dignity, and so they're trying to get over it, and hopefully over time it will fade away. It will probably never be gone, but hopefully after this trial they can begin the healing process."

Former Jefferson County Sheriff Ken Fortune and several deputies are named as defendants in the case. They contend they received a tip that the family was transporting drugs.

The first witness on the stand Monday afternoon was Cynthia McCloud, who broke down in tears as she described deputies ordering her to drop her pants on the side of the road.