Achoo! Coping With Springtime Allergies

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Flowers blooming for many people are a welcome sign spring is here. But for allergy sufferers like Paul Clark, he cringes just thinking about the pollen.

"When I wake up in the morning, a lot of times my eyes are mattered shut, my sinuses are quite irritated, congestions. At night time when I go to bed I have drainage and it causes me to cough when I go to sleep,” explains Clark.

Dr. Ronald Saff sees patients like Clark all the time.

"Tallahassee is one of the worst places for sure because it’s just so green. We have so many trees so right now the trees are pollinating."

Everyday someone from Dr. Saff's office goes to the roof of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to check a pollen counter. Dr. Saff says right now the trees are pollinating.

"These little pollen grains are like little cannon balls and these cannon balls hit the inside lining of the nose and they sort of explode and that explosion of cannon balls causes inflammation and with the inflammation you get histamine release and with that you get sneezing and the itchy watery eyes and runny nose."

Although annoying, allergies are treatable.

"Our customary treatment is we try medications, usually antihistamine, decongestant combinations, nasal steroid sprays avoidance measures and if that doesn't work we recommend immuno-therapy or allergy shots,” says Dr. Saff.

They are all measures that can help you get back on your feet so you don't have to miss out on the outdoors like Clark did before he discovered treatment.

Some good news for people with allergies is there is a cheaper alternative to a popular nasal spray. The FDA has just approved the first generic version of Flonase.