Women Testify About Strip Searches

In federal court, the McCloud family is demanding the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department to pay up to the tune of $10 million in damages. Both the McCloud family and Jefferson County Sheriff's Department remember the family being pulled over on July of 2001.

Their claims of what happened next differ. Former Jefferson County Sheriff Ken Fortune and several deputies are named as defendants in the case.

They contend they received a tip that the family was transporting drugs, maintaining they performed a lawful search. The attorney for the McCloud family says that night the law was broken, and not by his clients.

"It was strictly a hunch that cocaine has to be somewhere, so we're going to search everywhere and we don't do that in this country, we go based on evidence,” says McCloud family attorney Guy Rubin.

The first witness in the case Cynthia McCloud, the now 20-year-old woman who claims that at 15 she was forced to drop her pants and undergo a humiliating strip search on the side of a public highway in plain view of male officers.

On the stand crying as recounted the events she said, quote, "I was scared. I didn't know what to do. My mom wasn't near me, all the officers were watching me; I felt so violated."

McCloud then broke down, unable to continue. The judge called a recess and soon after she left the courtroom crying in her mother's arms.

"She was just so exposed and out there and alone without her parents. I think anyone would have a tough time going back and trying to recount that. It was tough for me just listening to it,” Rubin adds.

When court resumes Cynthia McCloud will be back on the stand to finish her testimony.

As Cynthia McCloud gave her testimony, her mother Arnetta also in the courtroom broke down crying as well. She's expected to take stand along with other family members later in the week.